Foxfire Farms


Jim and Betty Baldwin
590 Asbury Rd.
Freeville, N.Y. 13068
Telephone 607.257.1683

Our main interests at Foxfire are German Shepherd Dogs and Merino Sheep. The German Shepherd Dog because we feel it is the most versatile and trainable dog and the Merino Sheep for their superb fiber.

Foxfire Kennels
/Southern Tier Schutzhund Club

Foxfire Farms Merinos / Shearing

Our farm is located in the Southern Finger Lakes region of NY, in Freeville, N.Y. We have been at our present location for 34 years , involved in dogs for 36 years and sheep for 32 years. Jim has been self employed for the past 30 years, pursuing sheep farming, feed/pet food sales, sheep shearing and dog training. Prior to that he was a teaching support specialist for the Dept. of Chemistry at Cornell for 5 years and the Dept. of Animal Science for 9 years . He earned a BS from Cornell in 1971.

Betty was Laboratory Director for the Dept. of Clinical Studies at the New York State College of Veterinary Medicine. She was in charge of the technical work for an NIH project involving the study of hepatitis B Virus in the Woodchuck as a model for the human form of the virus. She received her 35 years of service award from the Department of Clinical Sciences in 2009 Betty earned a BS from Cornell in 1970 and an MS in Reproductive Physiology in 1972.

Betty retired from the NYSCVM on October 3, 2010. She is now pursuing dog training , sheep activities and a new activity ,bicycling, enjoying sleeping in when she feels like it, swimming in our endless pool and catching up on reading.